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How Does Micro Dosing Enhance Your Performance

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Psychedelics affect the 5HT2A serotonin receptors. This is one little receptor is found all over your body. It's found in all your sensory and motor neurons. This means micro dosing sharpens your senses, enhances eyesight, hearing, and your internal body sensations. This enhances any kind of movement, practice, or sport. Micro dosing increases neural firing rates. It speeds up your reflexes giving you access to a higher level of physical performance. The 5HT2A receptor is also found in the brainstem that regulates biorhythms and blood flow. This may be why micro dosing has semi miraculous healing properties. For instance, micro dosing research shows that psilocybin outperforms every conventional pharmaceutical medication for cluster headaches and shows promise in integrating migraines and PMS.

In exploring the positive effects of micro dosing, a study in the Harm Reduction Journal found that it:

  • Improved mood (26.6%) – Peacefulness, overall well-being, calmness, happiness, and a reduction in the symptoms of depression. This includes more emotional connection, a general sense of optimism, and an improved outlook on life.

  • Improved focus (14.8%) – Covers skill sets like the ability to focus or concentrate and enhanced self-awareness.

  • Creativity (12.9%) – Aside from a general sense of improved creativity, this also includes behaviors such as being more open, enhanced curiosity, ability to shift perspectives, and divergent thinking.

  • Self-efficacy (11.3%) – This applies to such behaviors as ambition, self-motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of agency. It also relates to improved mental health, including increased introspection, the practice of meditation, and other aspects of behaviors tied to self-care.

  • Improved energy (10.5%) – In this case, “energy” refers to things like mental stimulation, wakefulness, and alertness.

  • Social benefits (7.6%) – Outside of more engagement with others, this category also includes more empathy, a greater sense of connection, and more extroversion.

  • Cognitive benefits (5.8%) – When micro dosing, users experience heightened mental clarity, better memory recall, and improved problem-solving ability.

  • Reduced anxiety (4.2%) – This applies to a reduction in both general and social anxiety.

  • Physiological enhancement (3.0%) – Includes enhanced visual acuity, cardio endurance, reduction of migraines and headaches, and higher sleep quality.

Given its reported benefits, micro dosing can play an important role in achieving a variety of objectives. One of those roles is to make integration even more effective by bridging the gap between insight and action.

If this article interest you, please tune in for more information on the benefits of micro dosing such as, enhanced athletic performance, integration, enhanced cognition, and much more.

In one closing thought it’s important to know that psychedelics themselves are not the thing that will change or help you. You already have the capacity within yourself. Psychedelics simply help one enter into the right window of tolerance and acceptance to help you help yourself. Micro dosing, in particular, provides small glimmers of insight into how you can make constructive changes in your life that align with your true self. The “medicine” is credited with just 10% of the change making Process. The other 90% is up to the microdoser who follows up on the openings and strives to make the necessary changes as insights and ideas come to the surface.

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