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Our Coaching Services

In addition to our events, we offer a variety of coaching services that are designed to help you become a better you.

Somatic Breath Work with Zach Hayes-Handy

Do you want to release trauma from your body, reset your nervous system, dimmish physical
pain, improve your sleep?


Somatic breath work is the right choice.

Leadership Coaching with Dr. JoQueta Handy

Do you want to find your purpose, feel fulfilled, be filled with endless joy?


Leadership Coaching
with Dr JoQueta is the best choice for the new you for the new year.

Not sure which is right for you?

Call our office today for help with choosing your package and begin your journey to complete health of body-mind-spirit mastery.

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Available Packages

Coaching FAQ

  • What is somatic breathing?

  • What is leadership coaching?

  • What is an HRV scan?

  • What is a biofeedback scan?

  • What is the benefit of plant medicine?

  • Can I participate in break work or coaching sessions without participating in an event?

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