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Microdosing Happiness!!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

"A reduction of depression and anxiety is one of the most common

effects of microdosing."

---Dr James Fadiman

Microdosing helps underlying depression and anxiety – or rumination. Rumination is defined as the mental vortex for thoughts and emotions

spinning around and around. It is easy to get stuck inside your brain

and not see a way out.

What is the Default Mode Network also known as DMN. This is an area

of the brain known as the ego. This is where rumination of thoughts


Think of the DMN as the “Every day You” It’s how you tend to think,

feel, relate, and behave most of the time. By the time most of us are

35, our DMN is solidified and becomes difficult to change or disrupt,

which makes personal transformation feel almost impossible. By

turning down the volume of DMN through micro dosing of psychedelics

the rumination slowly stops. The mental clouds clear and you can begin

to see a way out of your struggles.

Micro dosing give you a neurological window to shift your thinking,

your coping behaviors, and emotional reactions. It’s an opportunity to

create healthy habits and feel more positive.

When you practice microdosing in the context of a structural system or

process with the other practices like breathwork, mediation, exercise,

whole food diet you can cultivate a new more mindful baseline.

DMN-Contain several interconnected areas in the brain. It is the brain

network of habits, thought patterns, and unconscious beliefs.

Micro dosing Benefits:

  • Elevate Mood

  • Reduce general and social anxiety

  • Eliminate symptoms of depression

  • Heightened focus and concentration

  • Increased creativity, openness and curiosity

  • Greater self-confidence and motivation

  • Improved mental and physical energy

  • More profound sense of connection and empathy

  • Sharpened mental clarity, memory and problem solving

  • Psychedelics free you from your limiting thought patterns and beliefs.

  • They can catalyze enormous personal growth

Micro dosing Downside

  • The need for the SKILL with the Pill

If you aren’t careful about how you use microdosing, psychedelics can be

equally disruptive:

  • They can enhance your work life OR Sabotage it

  • They can bring your greater insight and personal healing OR amplify anxiety

The pill with the skill—Its about a structured framework you create

around the microdosing that directs the benefits.

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